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Thursday November 3, 2005

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Terms and Conditions


This agreement is subject to all the following terms and conditions:


  • n This agreement covers only advertising relating to the regular business of the Advertiser. The Advertiser's rights and obligations cannot be transferred in whole or in part to any other Advertiser.
  • n Acceptance of this agreement by the Company does not guarantee granting of credit terms. Such terms may be granted by the Company upon submission of a satisfactory Credit Application. If credit is granted, Advertiser agrees to pay all balances upon receipt of monthly statements. Balances outstanding 30 days or more after the original statement date are subject to a finance charge of 1.5% per month and reimbursement of any legal or collection feed incurred by the Company to effect collection. If credit terms are not granted, prepayment of all insertions will be required. The first four ads placed by the Advertiser are to be pre-paid by the time the ads appear online.
  • n The officer or owner accepting for Advertiser personally guarantees performance of this contract.
  • n The Advertiser and its appointed Advertising Agency (if any) are jointly and severally responsible for payment for any advertising inserted under this agreement. If advertising is to be billed through such Agency, the signatures of Advertiser and Agency are both required to validate this agreement.
  • n No purchase order, insertion order or any other document used by the Advertiser or its Agency to insert advertising under this agreement can be used to update or change in any way the terms of this agreement.
  • n The publisher has the right to reject any advertisement for any reason.
  • n The rate level granted under this agreement may be modified by any of the following conditions as outlined.

    ___________    -- If the Advertiser fails to meet the payment terms, the Company may cancel this agreement without notice for such non-compliance. In this event, all advertising placed

     under this agreement prior to such cancellation will be re-billed at the Open Rate per the

    effective rate card. Any such charges re-billed hereunder will be immediately due and payable. It is further agreed that a bankruptcy or failure of the Advertiser's business effectively constitutes a cancellation for non-payment if any payments are outstanding for advertising hereunder at the time of such bankruptcy or failure.

    • ____________ -- If the Advertiser does not meet the minimal block ad requirements of this agreement or ceases to place advertising hereunder before fulfillment, the Company will re-bill any advertising placed hereunder at the earned rate level per the effective rate card and such additional charges will be immediately due and payable.
  • n The Company shall in no way be liable for any error in an advertisement or for its failure to insert an advertisement placed hereunder beyond the cost of the space occupied by the error.
  • n Notification of any error must be made immediately after the initial insertion.

    Effective 3/5/2003



Advertising Agreement


The Advertiser, ________________________________, agrees to the following minimum advertising space commitment, in NJ Morris County Online published by NJ Counties Online, Inc. (Company). In return for this agreement, the Company will grant the Advertiser block advertising rates at  $____________ per ad, at a stated size of ____________ on the Company's published rate card effective ___________,20___.  This agreement is not automatically renewed and is subject to a yearly rate increase.


Bulk Agreement

 Advertiser will insert a minimum of __________ block advertisements between the dates of  ____________ and _____________, inclusive, on the following page(s). ___________________.


Stated Space Agreement

 Advertiser authorizes the Company to publish _____________ block advertisements of _____________ size on the following page(s). _________________.

Date of first placement __________, 20__ Date of last placement ________________, 20____.

These ad placements are to be published:


 Every other week

 Copy may be changed by the advertiser.

 Advertiser may, upon written notice to the Company, convert this agreement to a bulk commitment. In this event, all block advertising occurred at the point of conversion will apply toward fulfillment of the bulk agreement and rates will be adjusted accordingly.


This agreement is subject to all the terms and conditions on the reverse of this form.



Accepted for Advertiser (officer or owner)

Accepted for Advertisers Agents







Agency Name:









Accepted for Company

Valid only when accepted by an officer of the Company

Ad Rep:

Officer of Company:




Checks are made payable to:
NJ Counties Online, Inc
PO Box 1158
Denville, NJ 07834

Effective 3/5/03


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