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Wednesday December 31, 2003

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The Women

Presented By Brundage Park Playhouse
A Fun Production that wrapped up May 17

Photos By
Joe Gigli

Randolph - Brundage Park Playhouse presents "The Women". Before SEX AND THE CITY and THE FIRST WIVES CLUB ... there was THE WOMEN. Set in a 1930s Manhattan milieu of idle socialites and gossip, Claire Boothe Luce's THE WOMEN is a cult

classic that is seldom presented because of the large, all female cast needed. While no men appear in the cast, they are grist for the mill in the social circle of wealthy Mary Haines and her catty clique of high-society wives. However, Mary's perfect world is turned upside down when she accidentally learns of her own husband's philandering. Crystal Allen, a vicious vixen and ruthless gold digger, has set her sights on Mary's husband. Mary initially plays right into her hands, but soon, with the advice and support of comrades experienced in the art of woman-to-woman combat, Mary decides she won't give up without a fight.


Barbara Weinerman - Mrs. Morehead

Carly Seyler - Little Mary

Jessica Gill - Jane

Judy Bornstein - Countess De Lage

Kaitlin Manca - 1st Hairdresser/2nd Sales Girl/Tamara/2nd Girlfriend

Karen McCormack - 1st Sales Girl/2nd Saleswomen/Lucy/Dowa ger

Lauren Delaney - Mary Haines

Lauren Stutz - Peggy Day

Lisa Annitti - Olga/1st Girl/Nurse/Girl in Distress

Liz Durkin - Edith Potter

Magda Budds - Euphie/Fitter/Maggie/S adie

Michele Sciarra - Sylvia Fowler

Nancy Doherty - Nancy Blake

Nancy Jean McBride - Myrtle/Exercise Instructress/Helene/Cig arettes

Nedda Alammar - Miriam Aarons

Nina Johnsen - Pedacurist/2nd Girl/Miss Trimmerback/Debutant e

Nola Young - Miss Fordyce/Miss Shapiro/Miss Watts/2nd Woman

Tammy Tunyavongs - Crystal Allen

Teresa Hammes - 2nd Hairdresser/Stock Girl/2nd Model/1st Girlfriend

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