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Wednesday December 31, 2003

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"Wait Until Dark"

Presented by Brundage Park Playhouse

Randolph - Brundage Park Playhouse presents "Wait Until Dark". A thriller about a blind woman, confronted in her apartment by a narcotics dealer and two con men conspiring to retrieve a heroin-filled doll unknowingly brought over

Photos By Joe Gigli

the Canadian border by her husband. While Suzy's husband is away on business, the three are involved in a very cleverly constructed plan to retrieve the missing doll. Suzy slowly realized she is the victim of a deadly game of cat and mouse and uses her only tool, darkness, to help herself.

On stage March 14-29, 2003
Call for tickets: 973-989-7092

(top) Christie Oaks, as Suzy Hendrix. (above) Understudy Devon Cassidy, as Gloria; with Christie. (right) Christie with Paul Diverio, as Mike Talman. (below left and right) Christie with Greg Cilmi, as Roat.

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