Night of January 16th

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Wednesday December 31, 2003

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"Night of January 16th"
Presented by Dover Little Theatre

Photos By Joe Gigli

Dover - The fate of the accused lies in the hands of twelve audience members...

The third production of DLT's 70th season opens right between the ides of March - Night of January 16th by Ayn Rand. The title of this play has already caused some box office confusion as folks thought the play was on January 16th! The play is directed by DLT's President, L. W. Wickman, who directed DLT's The Foreigner, Harvey and The Pirates of Penzance. This vintage courtroom classic has it all - lawyers, gangsters, maids, private eyes, dancers, millionaires, cops, expert witnesses and, of course, two women who loved the same dead man. In addition, twelve members of the audience are selected to be the jury. The question that stands before them is whether international financier

(above) Craig Zimmermann, as District Attorney Flint; and Candice Drisgula, as Defense Attorney Stevens. (below) John Trumbull, as Homer Van Fleet, PI.

(above) Laura Carey, as Nancy Lee Whitfield. (below) Laura with Tom Hodge, as John Graham Whitfield.

Bjorn Faulkner jumped to his death or if he was pushed. Karen Andre, his efficient secretary, stands on trial for his

murder. Wickman has taken the play out of the traditional courtroom setting and placed it atop a rooftop overlooking the 1930's New York skyline

- bringing the audience to the scene of the crime. As witness after witness takes the stand, the facts begin to mount - or do they?
March 14-29, 2003
Friday/Saturday evenings @8pm
Sunday Matinee March 23 @2pm
For tickets call:

(left) Mary Fitzpatrick, as Mrs. John Hutchins. (right)

Laura Carey, as Nancy Lee Whitfield; and Candice Drisgula, as Defense Attorney Stevens.

(above left) Karen Berzanski, as Karen Andre with Tom Blewitt, as Larry Regan; and Craig

Zimmermann, as District Attorney Flint. (above right) Katrine Rubenstein, as Magda Svenson; and Christine Quinn, as Jane Chandler NYPD. (right) Lynn Erickson, as the Bailiff.

(above left) Andrew Poller, as Elmer Sweeney, NYPD; and Craig Zimmermann, as District Attorney Flint. (right) Dave Bere, as Judge Heath. (below) Eileen Fitzpatrick, as Roberta Van Rensselaer

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