20020727 Morris County 4-H Fair

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Tuesday December 31, 2002

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Morris County 4-H


Photos By Joe Gigli

Chester - Morris County 4-H celebrated their 100th anniversary, with the annual Morris County 4-H fair, held at Chubb Park this past weekend.  (top left) Melissa Davidoff, of Roxbury shows of Freddie Sr., her 8 lb. bunny. (right) Annabelle Seippel, of Morristown; Lashaonda Lane, of Morristown; and Erica Lehmann, of Morristown, all members of the Karing Kids of Morris County 4-H club. (left) Eric Wlodkowski, of Boonton, prepares to launch a rocket, as a member of the Red Fire bolts 4-H club.

Morris County 4-H

Celebrates 100th

(above) Nicole Geib, of Jefferson, with her kiki campbell duck "Webber". (left) Heather DeVoid, of Long Valley; holding Roscoe, her 14 lb. Flemmish Giant rabbit.

Photos By
Joe Gigli

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(left) Zoe Everett, of the Dogs R Us 4-H club, performs during the talent show. (below right)

Kristen Parker, leader of the Gauchos 4-H club, with Ember

By Jeanne Dikdan Gigli
CHESTER This was a special year for the Morris County 4-H Club because it marked its 100th year of educating the county's young people. The theme for the year is "Bringing Out the Power of Youth."
 The annual 4-H Fair was also special because it was chock-full of all kinds of activities for the young and young-at-heart like model rocket launching, model airplane demonstrations, a talent show, musical entertainment, fly tying demonstration, hay rides, pony rides, sand art, and of course, you just couldn't forget the chicken barbeque,

cotton candy and amusement park rides!
 Morris County 4-H provides informal educational experiences for all county youth from 1st grade to one year past high school. Young people in grades 4 to 13 make up the traditional 4-H program in which

members participate in projects such as gardening, animal care and management, woodworking, photography, clothing and leadership development just to name a few. Children in grades 1 to 3 are enrolled in "prep" clubs that introduce them to the many 4-H projects and activities available.

 There was a little extra sparkle added to end this year's talent show as Gov. James McGreevey (D-NJ) passed out the ribbons to the first, second and third place winners.         This writer couldn't help but revel in her children's enjoyment of this much-anticipated event, because her little guy had been talking about seeing the animals again since last year's fair. "Mommy, can we go to the fair next time" was his favorite line as he rambled off the names of all the animals he knew he would see. And to think, there are more county fairs on the schedule!

(above left) Austin and Cheyenne Gigli, of Mount Olive; enjoy the sweet snacks of the fair.

(left) Governor James McGreevey with 4-H members Heather DeVoid, of

Long Valley; Melissa DiCola, of Boonton Twp.; and Heather Campbell. (right) Christian Cozzaro, of Rockaway, watches a rocket launced by a fellow club member. (left) Jennifer Palik, of Morristown, with her two bunnies that are 3 weeks old, Dawn and Midnight. (below right) Carl Holzwarth, of the 4-H Wildcats and the Garden State Circle Burners, takes part in a demonstration of control line airplanes.

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