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Tuesday December 31, 2002

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Photos By Warren Westura

Red, White & Blue
Shine Through

Morris County - Towns around the County celebrated Memorial Day on Monday the 27th, with colorful parades and solemn services. NJ Morris County visited three of the towns including Mount Arlington, Mountain Lakes and Dover. (right) Marsi Richter, of Mountain Lakes, looks for the best vantage point for viewing the parade on the Boulevard, Mountain Lakes.

Proud to Be American
Proud to Remember, Honor

Mountain Lakes Parade and Ceremony

Photos By Warren Westura

(above left) Nathaniel F. Beford, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army, Retired, formerly of Mountain Lakes, vetern of WW II Luzon campaign. (above

right) The Mountain Lakes Police Color Guard, Officer Gilberto Benitez; Sergeant Richard Geoghegan; Officer Sam Trimble; Officer Shawn Bennett; Officer Gary Hicok; and Police Chief Bob Tovo. (left) Kellie Paz, rides her flag bedecked bike, to the Mountain Lakes Memorial Day parade. (lower left) Mountain Lakes

Mayor Blair Wilson, with a Memorial Day Address.

Story by Jeanne Gigli

The tradition of remembrance originated in

the days and months after the Civil War in this country. It (May 30) was specified as a day to decorate the graves of those who died in service to America. This year's celebrations sparked a renewed loyalty to Old Glory as we also remembered those innocent victims who perished on Sept. 11.

Amid the joyous parades were local fire and police departments, mounted police officers, civic organizations, representatives from the Boy and Girl Scouts of America, high school marching bands, classic

and antique cars and tractors, politicians, rescue squads and others who were all being cheered by flag-wavin' boys, girls, moms and dads.

This first Memorial Day after the heinous and senseless attacks on our country was definitely not only a day to bring family and community together to be proud, but also a day to remember the newest victims of the global war on terrorism and to hope and pray for a safer future.

(left) Girl Scout Troop 1227, gets a ride down the Boulevard. (below right) Youngsters line the Boulevard, with Red White and Blue.

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