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Tuesday December 31, 2002

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Preschoolers Graduate
with a Little Help From
Teachers of the Future

Photos By
Joe Gigli

Denville - Morris County School of Technology, celebrates 30 years with its Child Related Careers program. (above left) MCST student Natashia Roman, from Parsippany Hills, watches over the preschool graduates as they perform a play. (above right) MCST students Katie Mulhearn, of Morris Knolls and Jennifer Schriever, of Morris Knolls, prepare their grad student for the ceremony.

(above left) MCST student Becky Miller, of West Morris Mendham, presents her student with a preschool diploma. (left) MCST student Dana Puzio, of Parsippany Hills helps her student with cap and gown.

Photos By Joe Gigli

DENVILLE High school juniors and seniors enrolled in Morris County School of Technology's (MCST) Child Related Careers program had to help their 4- and 5-year-old students with something a little extra this spring graduation from preschool.

 High school graduates as well as juniors and seniors thinking about a college career dealing with

(top right) Students from the Child Related Careers program, sing a song to their graduating preschoolers. (above right) MCST student McKenzie Price, of Parsippany Hills, gets a hug from her student. (below right) Program Instructor Mrs. Martha Slezak, who has teached the future teaches for the last 30 years.

children can earn nine advanced placement college credits through Seton Hall University. Many go on to attend county colleges, state colleges and universities, private colleges or nanny schools. The program prepares

(above) MCST students and preschool students during the ceremony.

them to become effective teacher aides and/or prepares them for college to become certified teachers, assistant teachers or teacher aides.

 The Child Related Careers cirriculum is celebrating 30 years of success by leading its graduates to careers options working in child care facilities, corporate child care, public schools, hospitals, in-home child care or at nursery schools. High school graduates who decide to attend college and finish this program are guaranteed admission to Centenary College and advanced placement at Penn State.

 The preschool is part of the MCST organization and is well-equipped for all kinds of play and learning. The student classroom adjoins the preschool lab and an observation room with a one-way window is also connected. The children attend five days a week, 2 hours each day.

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