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Tuesday December 31, 2002

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Mount Olive Students, Commerce Bank Collaborate on Library Fundraiser

Photo By Joe Gigli

Mount Olive - (above) Kosta and Chris Arvanitis, of Mount Olive are joined by Margaret A. Frey, Assistant Vice President, Mount Olive Manager, Commerce Bank; and Rita L. Hilbert, Director of the Mount Olive Library.

Mount Olive Students,

Commerce Bank Collaborate on Library Fundraiser

MT. OLIVE TWP. When the new Mount Olive Public Library opens sometime late next year, the children of the township's five schools can proudly say they had a part in helping make it functional as well as beautiful.

 During National Library Week last week, the Penny Brigade made its first deposit at Commerce Bank in Flanders to kick off the official fund drive that will help purchase furniture for the new library. The Penny Brigade is collecting pennies and other change in empty plastic water jugs that are in each school. In the end, their efforts will be forever remembered on the actual furniture with commemorative engraved metal plates on each piece purchased with Brigade money.

 Commerce Bank even contributed their 2-cents-worth to the cause but it wasn't just two pennies, it was $1,000!

 So when you're visiting one of the three elementary schools, middle or high school in Mt. Olive, don't forget to empty for pocket or change purse for a great cause.

Photo By Joe Gigli

(above) (l-r) Rita L. Hilbert, Director of Mount Olive Library; is presented a check from Ruth E. Wilson, Assistant Vice President Retail Market Manager, Commerce Bank; and Margaret A. Frey, Assistant Vice President Mount Olive Manager, Commerce Bank.

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