St Mark Church Dedication

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Tuesday December 31, 2002

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Dedication of St. Mark Church

Photos By Joe Gigli

Washington Twp. - (above left) Bishop Frank J. Rodimer presides over dedication ceremony which included the parishioners, offering reverence to the new altar. (left) Parishioners look on as a deacon lights the wall sconce, in the main church. (above right) A view inside St. Mark Church.

Family Community Celebrates with New Church

Dedication of
St. Mark Church, Long Valley

Photos By
Joe Gigli

Story by
Jeanne Dikdan Gigli

WASHINGTON TWP. The family community of St. Mark the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church in Long Valley recently participated in a special ceremony of faith and growth the dedication of their first church building by the Most Reverend Frank J. Rodimer, Bishop of Paterson.
   The mission of St. Mark's

was established in January 1986 and was elevated to parish status in April 1988. Then, there were only 75 families. Now, there are more

than 500 families that make up this young, vibrant congregation.
   The theme for the dedication - "A place of simple elegance and reverence where all are welcome" reflects the uncomplicated and natural setting of the church's interior and exterior design. The project cost just over $2 million with a portion of the funds coming from the Diocese of Paterson and another portion from a major parish fund drive. Groundbreaking was held in 2001.

     Prior to this dedication, weekend Masses were celebrated in the parish's Family Life Center that was built in 1991 on part of the parish's 9-acre land parcel.
     With a seating capacity of 600, the church boasts of oak pews, a large anterior gathering area, an altar made of a single 3,000-pound slab of verde green granite, daily Mass chapel, chandeliers in the shape of a cross and a computerized lighting system with the ability to adjust to eight different light levels for various liturgical

     St. Mark was the author of the second book in the Bible's New Testament. He and his mother were highly regarded in the early church. His mother's house in Jerusalem served as a meeting place for Christians there. Mark was converted by Peter and accompanied him to Rome acting as his interpreter. The Romans asked Mark to put in writing the accounts of Peter's talks on Jesus' life. St. Mark did this under Peter's direction before 60 A.D. Therefore, the first gospel written is a record of Jesus' life through the experiences of St. Peter.

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