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Tuesday December 31, 2002

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Washington Returns
to Montville after 211 years

Montville - The last time George Washington was in Montville, the calendar showed 1780, when he stayed at the Doremus House, on Main Street awaiting news of the battle of Springfield. This time he is back for a visit to celebrate his Birthday which is February 11th on the old calendar. (above) William Sommerfield as the General; with Audrey Doremus, 5th generation of the family that lived in the house. (right) The General arrives at the Doremus House, which is in contrast to the present day townhouse in the background.

Photo By Joe Gigli

Montville Receives Visit From

Photos By Joe Gigli

Montville - (top left) William Sommerfield, reenacts General George Washington, in front of the Doremus House. (above left) The plaque, from the Morris County Historical Commission. (above right) Kathy Fisher, introduces Montville Mayor John Rosellini, to the General. (left) The General, remembers what the Doremus House was like in June of 1780. (below left) Audrey Doremus, 5th generation of the Doremus family, who lived there 220 years earlier.

William Sommerfield reenacts George Washington at the Montville Historical Society's February 11th program.
   In full colonial costume, William  Sommerfield recounts his life as George Washington; his youth, life without a father, his mother's influence, military life, politics, and social and colonial customs. The audience will be invited  to learn how to dance the minuet and how to properly thrust a sword. George Washington was last in Montville in

1780 when he stayed  overnight at the Doremus House, while he was awaiting news of the battle  of Springfield. William Sommerfield provides historical interpretation  and is Artistic Director of The American Historical Theatre. Sommerfield, who has intensely studied George Washington, and is recognized as the foremost interpreter of George Washington in the United States and abroad. Those that have seen Sommerfield as  George Washington, say he is more "George than George", "better than  Broadway" and the "the best
program I've seen in 20 years".  This
presentation was developed by the American Historical Theatre and funded by NJ  Council for the Humanities. February 11 was George Washington's birthday on the old calendar.

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