10/12/01 Mount Olive Football

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Monday December 31, 2001

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Photo by Joe Gigli

Mendham Over


Mount Olive - On Friday night October 12, 2001 Mt. Olive high school hosted Mendham in football. Mendham won by the score of 34-7 . (above) Mendham #24 Pat Valli  runs across the field to elude the Mount Olive Defense, on his way to scoring a touchdown.

Mt. Olive - On Friday night October 12, 2001 Mt. Olive high school hosted Mendham in football. Mendam won by the score of 34-7. (top left) Mt. Olive #21 Ben Quattlebaum and Mendham #6 Pete Berg go up and fight for a thrown ball. (far left) Either Mt. Olive #21 Ben Quattlebaum or Mendham #6 Pete Berg had control of the ball, but still oddly enough stayed focus to keep the ball alive. (left) Finally, the ball pops out of Mt. Olive #21 Ben Quattlebaum and Mendham #6 Pete Berg  hands and caused a scramble for the loose ball.

Photos by

Joe Gigli

Mt. Olive - (above left) Mt. Olive #2 Brian Fredo had no where to go to catch this pass as Mendham #12 Matt Lieberwirth and team captain #33 Tim Garris cover him as tightly as possible. (above right) Mt. Olive #13 Larry Sartor is pressured by Mendham #85 Pete Moor. (left) On a night where Mt. Olive executed few successful plays for quality yards Mt. Olive #20 Jamar Mack bursts up the middle for a nice run against Mendham high school. (below) Mt. Olive #20 Jamar Mack rushes for yardage.

Mount Olive - (above) Mendham QB # 4 Steve Wenderfer who had a big game Friday night against Mt. Olive throws a pass during game action. (right) Mt. Olive head coach Tim Krammer talks with #2 Brian Fredo. (below) Mt. Olive 21 Ben Quattlebaum runs to make a tackle on Mendham #24  Pat Valli.

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