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Monday December 31, 2001

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Colonial Hills Conference

First Annual Swim Championship

Morris Twp. - The first annual Colonial Hills Conference Swim Championship was held at Morristown-Beard Academy on Friday January 19, 2001. The meet featured swimmers from 10 schools participating in 22 events. (above) Swimmers push off the blocks at the start of the Girls 100 Meter Freestyle. (left) A Chatham swimmer cuts through the water during the Boys 200 Meter Medley Relay.

Photos By

Joe Gigli

(left) Lesley Barnet, of Bernards H.S. swims to a first place finish in the Girls 100 Meter Fly with a time of 1:07.74

Mountain Lakes Takes First

Girls 500 Meter Freestyle

Photos By

Morris Twp. - (above left) Mountain Lakes Tricia Chambers, swims to first place in the Girls 500 Meter Freestyle edging out (below right) Montclair Kimberly Academy Erin Stutz and Bernards H.S. Grace Demarris, by fractions of a second with times of 5:51.27; 5:51.57; and 5:51.59 respectively.

Joe Gigli

Morris Twp. - (left) Chatham swimmer Greg Schroll and swim coach Paul Stratis, take a breather in the gym before the competition.

Morris Twp. - The Colonial Hills Conference First Annual Swim championship was held o January 19, 2001 and hosted at Morristown Beard Academy. (right) Bernards H.S. Lesley Barnet, looks over the results with a big smile after placing first in the Girls 100 Meter Fly.

Morris Twp. - (above) Boonton swimmer (l-r) Katherine Zeris and Virginia Viveros, look over schedule for their events. (below) Boonton swimmer Mark Kamenetz Jr. competes in the Boys 200 Meter Medley Relay.

Morris Twp. - (above) Bernards H.S. Alexis Skoda, is all smiles as she talks with her coach Ed Tsuzuki. won the girls 200 meter free; the Girls 100 meter free; and anchored the Girls 200 Meter Medley Relay with two of her sisters.

Morris Twp. - (above) Mountain Lakes Melissa Dicola adjusts her goggles before the Girls 100 Meter Butterfly. (upper right) Kinnelon Michelle Escobedo; and swim captain Whitney Rohrer cheer on their teammates. (right) Sarah Rankin of Pingry H.S. swims in the Girls 100 meter Butterfly.

Morris Twp. - (above) members of the Mountain Lakes Swim team relax in the gym before competition. (right) The Kinnelon team cheer on their captain Whitney Rohrer during the Girls 200 Meter Freestyle. (below left) Chatham Coach Paul Stratis and Assistant Coach Lori Freudenberger give support to swimmer Mel Hottat, during the Girls 500 Meter Freestyle. Hottat finished 10th overall, but posted her best personal time in this event at 6:54.87

Morris Twp. - (below right) Boonton H.S. Athletic Director and Swim Coach Mike Rubright, discusses the posting of the events with his team.

Morris Twp - (left) Sara Luisi, of Kinnelon swims in the Girls 100 Meter freestyle. She finished first in her heat, 10th overall.

Colonial Hills Conference First Annual Swim Championship

Morris Twp. - (right) Mountain Lakes swimmer Melissa Dicola, swims in the Girls 100 Meter Fly. Melissa finished 3rd in her heat, 10th overall.

Photos By Joe Gigli

January 19, 2001

Colonial Hills Conference Meet Team Rankings


1. Pingry 308

2. Montclair Kimberley 198

3. Kinnelon 187

4. Chatham - 165

5. Boonton - 84

6. Newark Academy - 65

7. Mountain Lakes - 62

8. Bernards - 32

9. Cedar Grove - 6

January 19, 2001

Colonial Hills Conference Meet Team Rankings


1. Bernards - 250

2. Montclair Kimberly Academy - 238

3. Chatham -191

4. Mountain Lakes - 148

5. The Pingry School - 122

6. Cedar Grove - 101

7. Kent Place School - 73

8. Kinnelon - 66

9. Newark Academy - 19

10 Boonton - 16

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