01/27/01  Ice Fishing

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Monday December 31, 2001

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Ice Fishing At Lee's Marina County Park

Roxbury (above) Dave Haberstroh of Mine Hill and Joseph Chiani of Landing spend Saturday morning January 27, 2001 ice fishing on Lake Hopatcong at Lee's Marina County Park in Landing. (right) Frank Krupa, of Lavalette awoke at 4:20 am to make the 1 1/2 hour trek to Lee's Marina to do some ice fishing . Here, he uses an ice auger to make a new hole for fishing. .

Lake Hopatcong Ice Fishing Contest II will be held Sunday, February 4, 2001 sponsored by The Knee Deep Club.  In-person entries can be made at the official Knee Deep Club Weigh Stations until 9:00am Sunday, February 4, 2001.  The contest entry fee for new entries is $15.00

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Ice Fishing Takes a "Hole" Lot of Time

Roxbury - (above) A fisherman checks the rod and hopes fish are not bigger than the hole. (right) Dave Haberstroh, of Mine Hill and Joseph Chiani, of Landing wait patiently for some fish to bite while ice fishing Saturday January 27, 2001.

Photos by

Veronica Yankowski

Roxbury - (left) Frank Krupa, of Lavalette passes the time ice fishing. Krupa, awoke at 4:20 am to make the 1 1/2 hour trek to Lee's Marina. (below) Extra ice fishing rods lay in a bucket waiting to be used. (below left) Yellow perch lay on the snow after being caught at Lee's Marina County Park in Landing.

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