11/23/00  Chatham Football

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Sunday, December 31, 2000

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photo by

Veronica Yankowski

Chatham Smothers Bayley-Ellard 34-6

Madison - (left) Bayley-Ellard #2 Bob Hume gets taken down by a hoard of Chatham Cougars on Thanksgiving Day . Chatham won 34-6 .

Chatham Gets A Leg Up On Bayley-Ellard on Thanksgiving

Chatham - Bayley-Ellard falls to Chatham 34-6 on Thursday November 23, 2000. (left) Chatham #16 Jonathan Sacco holds on to the ball as Bayley-Ellard #21 Kevin Clayton makes one last attempt at knocking it  out of his hands on Thanksgiving Day in Madison. (below right) Chatham sophomore Erika Brenner cheers for her team on a cold Thanksgiving morning. (below left) Chatham Cougar mascots huddle together on the sideline.

Chatham -(below) Chatham #7 Drew Davenport tries to break the tackle of Bayley-Ellard #12 Mike Hume during their Thanksgiving Day game in Madison. (right) Senior cheerleader Melissa Hudasko cheers for Bayley-Ellard .

photos by

Veronica Yankowski

Chatham - (above) On Thanksgiving Day Chatham HS beat Bayley-Ellard 34-6. Chatham #22 Bob Salterelli is taken down by Bayley-Ellard #12 Mike Hume during game action in Madison.

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