9/14/00 Girls Soccer

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Sunday, December 31, 2000

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Veronica Yankowski

Rockaway - (above) Whippany Park #10 Traci Terranova and Morris Hills #5 Lorraine Infante battle for the ball.  (right) Morris Hills Karin Dunn is congratulated by teammates after she scored the first of 3  goals against Whippany Park. The game was held at Morris Hills High School on September 14.

Morris Hills Edges Out Whippany Park 3-2

Morris Hills Over Whippany Park 3-2

Photos By



Rockaway - Whippany Park went on the road to visit Morris Hills High School on Thursday September 14. The girls soccer game came down to the wire with with Morris Hills coming out with the 3-2 victory. (top left) Whippany Park #13 Colleen Birmingham tries to protect the ball as Morris Hills #4 Karin Dunn, attempts to steal it away. (above right) Morris Hills #12 Bevin Patterson and Whippany Park #13 Colleen Birmingham, get their feet in a tangle. (above left) Morris Hills #18 Lisa Sarinelli, takes the ball away from Whippany Park #10 Traci Terranova. (middle left) Whippany Park #9 Kristen Makar takes the ball off the heels of Morris Hills #18 Lisa Sarinelli. (lower left) Morris Hills #11 Lorraine Infante watches her teammates during the first half action. (below right) Whippany park # 10 Kathryn Marmara and Morris Hills #4 Karin Dunn race to the ball.

Rockaway - (left) Whippany Park #6 Kristen Monzo and Morris Hills #18 Lisa Sarinelli; during girls soccer game action held at Morris Hills High School on September 14th

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