8/2/00  Par Troy East Baseball

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Sunday, December 31, 2000

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Battle hard but lose 2 of 3 in State Senior League Tournament

Denville - (above left) ParTroy East # 18 Justin Racz, started the 2nd game of the State Senior Tournament  on Thursday August 3rd against Bloomfield. ParTroy won this game 7-3, while Racz pitched a complete game with 5 strikeouts. This put them in place to play South Vineland in the finals.

Photos By New Jersey Newsphotos / Joe Gigli 

(above right) ParTroy East #7 Pete Zaccheria, tries to break up the double play; as South Vineland #41 sets his sights on 1st. This is ParTroy East's 3rd game in the Tournament. Playing South Vineland for the second time in 2 days. The game started as a double header on Thursday August 3rd, just minutes after ParTroy beat Bloomfield. The game was suspended by rain, and continued on Friday afternoon. ParTroy lost the game 7-4, but made it interesting when they mounted a last moment rally.

ParTroy East's 3 Game Series in the State Senior League Tournament

Denville - Game 1 at Morris Catholic, ParTroy East Vs. South Vineland on August 2. (top) Starting pitcher #PTE #24 Chris Deckert. (left) SV #42 Eril Ramos, chasses a wide throw as PTE # 20 Mike Chuy, slides safely into 3rd. (below) Pete Pantelis eyes up the ball in right field of Game 3 on August 3,  which was also against South Vineland.

Photos By Joe Gigli 

Game 2 and 3 were held at Zeek Field in Denville. The games started as a double header the Game 3 was suspended by rain, and continued on Friday August 4. (above) In Game 3 PTE catcher #12 Matt Grasso, is congradulated by teammates after tagging out an SV runner at the plate to end the inning. (right) PTE #16 John Paul LaForte, was the pitcher in Game 3.

Game 2 against Bloomfield (left) PTE #8 Dan Nicholson, makes a great catch in left field and doubled up the runner on his way back to 2nd. (below) The play was celebrated by #8 Nicholson and 2nd baseman #20 Mike Chuy at the end of the inning.

(top) PTE teammates surround #18 Justin Racz, after they beat Bloomfield in Game 2. (right) The team gets a pep talk from Coach Pete Zaccheria before Game 3. (below) PTE short stop Justin Racz, waits for the ball as South Vineland #45 JJ martinez steals 2nd in Game 3.

(above) PTE #24 Chris Deckert, is called out as he tried to get back to 3rd base, late in Game 3. South Vineland #42 Eril Ramos applied the tag. (left) PTE #1 Brian Urban, pounds the ball to deep center field for a possible 3 run hommer, only to have the ball caught by SV center fielder Luis Rodriguiz, (below) who bent over backwards to make the catch as it was going over the fence.

Parsippany - parTroy East vs South Vineland in the Little League State Senior Tournament held at Morris Catholic in Denville. South Vineland #41 Jose Sanchez, is late  with the tag as ParTroy East #5 Anthony Mele steals 2nd. South vineland went on to win the game 7-5

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