8/13/00 Denville Bike Race

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Sunday, December 31, 2000

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2nd Annual Cycling Challenge at Denville

Denville - The second annual Cycling Challenge at Denville, held August 13th was promoted by the Somerset Wheelmen with support from the Township of Denville. Racing took place on a street circuit that started on Broadway turning left onto Center Ave. left onto Bloomfield Ave. and a final hairpin back onto Broadway. (top photo) Racers from the Cat 1,2,3 40 lap race, make their way down Center Ave. (above) Cat 1,2,3 racers go through turns 1 & 2. (right) Local racer and event coordinator Pat Kennedy, of Denville racing with the Somerset Wheelmen, raises his hands in victory as he heads down Broadway winning the 45+ 20 lap event. Winners of the events are posted on the Game of the Week Page.

Photos By

New Jersey Newsphotos

Joe Gigli

Denville - (top left) Racers in the 35+ 25 lap race head down Center Ave. (top right) Sprinting down Broadway at the finish of the Cat 1,2,3 40 lap event is Mark Walters, of Canada riding for the Navigators. Walters beat Peter Lawler, of NH, riding for Mike Fraysse Sports Resorts, by a bike length. (left) Riders in the Cat 4/5 race head towards turn 1. (above) Racers head into turn 5 from Bloomfield Ave. onto Broadway, in the combined 55+, Women, Jr.; event.

Denville - Heading down Broadway on a rolling start are racers from the Cat 4/5 race.

Denville - (left) Cat 1,2,3 racers make the turn onto Center Ave. (below) Fans gather at the corner of Broadway and 1st Ave. to get a good view of the Cat 4/5 20 lap race.

Denville - (above) Riding a stroller was not as much fun as a bike, so Jacob Hurd, of Lincoln Park kept entertained with the flowers along Broadway. (below) (l-r) Steve Tinson, of NY; is passed by Pat Kennedy, of Denville going into turn 1 of the 45+ 20 lap race. (right) Racers in the Cat 1,2,3 40 lap race going down Center Ave.

Denville - During the 35+ 25 lap event, going into turns 3 and 4 a racer tries to avoid a pile up in front of him.  One of the three riders was able to continue, with the other two walking away to be treated on the scene for scrapes, burns and bruises.

Event: 45+ 20 laps

1st Pat Kennedy

2nd Steven Tinston

3rd Robert Clifford

4th Joe Saling

5th Earl Peretty

Event: 35+ 25 laps

1st Ed Beaman

2nd Dave Margolin

3rd Scott Bolin

4th David Russell

5th Dave Whitney

Event: 55+ 20 laps

1st Joe Saling

2nd John Auer

3rd Robert Clifford

4th Rich Bradley

Race Results:

Event Women/Jr. 25 laps

1st Peter Lawler

2nd Gui Nelessen

3rd Laura VanGilder

4th Bobby Ketchell

5th Jarod Gaudet

Event: Cat 3 25laps

1st Jarod Gaudet

2nd Max Kipolis

3rd Don Qutamby

4th Dave Whitney

5th Dave Walker

Event: Cat 4/5 20 laps

1st Dave Brill

2nd Thomas Boffa

3rd Mark Clebawsk

4th Leon Fy

5th Dave Greenblatt

Event: Cat 1,2,3 40 laps

1st Mark Walters

2nd Peter Lawler

3rd Mike Rosenhause

4th Dave Simmons

5th Vasldt Davidenko

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