11/08/00 Boys Soccer

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Sunday, December 31, 2000

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Denville -(above) Bayley-Ellard #17 Mike Polye fights for the ball with Morris Catholic #9 Anthony Pepe during game action . Morris Catholic #9 Anthony Pepe had three goals with one assist winning the game over Bayley-Ellard 5-0. The NJSIAA North Jersey Parochial B Semifinal game was played at Gardner Field on Wednesday November 8, 2000.

Morris Catholic Head and Shoulders Above Bayley-Ellard

photo by

Joe Gigli

Morris Catholic Advances

Defeating Bayley-Ellard 5-0

Denville - (right) Bayley-Ellard #5 Andre Fleury gets his shirt held by Morris Catholic #21 Pino Tubito during game action .

photos by

Joe Gigli

Denville - (above) Bayley-Ellard #15 Josrah Scardelli goes up for a header against Morris Catholic goalie AJ Wyman. At games end Wyman had 4 saves on goal for Morris Catholic. (right) Morris Catholic #9 Anthony Pepe seems focused Wednesday where he led Morris Catholic past Bayley-Ellard

Denville- (above right) Morris Catholic #21 Tino Tubito heads the ball during game action. (left) Bayley-Ellard #8 Willie Lawrie gets beat to a header by Morris Catholic #13 Adam Cirlic, as Bayley-Ellard #3 Bo Portyko looks on. Morris Catholic won 5-0 to advance into the NJSIAA North Jersey Parochial B Finals where they beat Don Bosco Tech 8-0 to move into the State Finals.

Denville -(left) Bayley-Ellard #8 Willie Lawrie battles with Morris Catholic #7 John Weed, during NJSIAA North Jersey Parochial B Semifinal game on Wednesday November 8, 2000. Weed finished the game with 1 goal and 1 assist.

Denville - (above) Bayley-Ellard #9 Henry Costas dribbles past Morris Catholic #4 Erik Melatyre. The NJSIAA North Jersey Parochial B Semifinal game was held on Wednesday November 8, 2000. (left) Morris Catholic #5 Matt Merrilees goes over Bayley-Ellard #9 Henry Coatas for a header.

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