10/26/00 Girls Soccer

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Sunday, December 31, 2000

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Mendham Defeats Parsippany


Photo By Veronica Yankowski

Parsippany - (right) Parsippany keeper Angelina Albruzzese makes a save with help from teammate #2 Michelle Deutsch, as Mendham #19 April Angelson takes a shot on goal.  Mendham won the game 2-0 on October 26, 2000.

Parsippany - (top left) Parsippany #6 Jamie DeMarco gets to the ball ahead of Mendham #14 Erin Keane. (top right) Parsippany #12 Michelle Deutsch; and Mendham #2 Lindsay Kopec race to the ball. (bottom left) Parsippany #2 Michelle Deutsch and Mendham #5 Leigh Tinquist fight for the ball. (bottom right) Parsippany #20 Lyndsey Christman tries to keep the ball away from Mendham #9 Casey McCann. The game was held at Parsippany High School on October 26, 2000.

Photos By Veronica Yankowski

Parsippany - (above) Parsippany #22 Brittany King and Mendham #14 Erin Keane battle for ball control. (right) Mendham #11 Megan Milde pushes off of Parsippany #6 Jamie DeMarco as they rush towards the ball.  Mendham won the game 2-0 on Thursday October 26, 2000. (bottom right) Parsippany #13 Jessica Phillips has the ball kicked away by Mendham #2 Lindsay Kopec, during game action on October 26, 2000. The game was won by Mendham 2-0.

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