9/23/00 Florham Park Dog Parade

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Sunday, December 31, 2000

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Puppies Pound the Street During Florham Parks 2nd Annual Dog Parade

Photo By

Joe Gigli

Florham Park - Over 30 dogs and their owners partipated in the second annual dog parade during the Broom Day Festival on September 23, 2000. (above) Chuck Turner, of Hopatcong with his daughter Christina, parade their Golden Retreivers Rosie and Ashley. Behind them are David and Karen Janes, of Florham Park with their Golden Retreivers Amber and Buffy.

The Rotary Club of Florham Park Second Annual Broom Day Celebration


The Second Annual Florham Park Rotary Dog Parade

Florham Park - Eric Caballero, of Ewing Twp.; with his cousin Brian Platoff, of Florham Park; have fun on the wet slide.

Photos By

New Jersey Newsphotos

Joe Gigli

Florham Park - Bernadette Stone, of Florham Park with her dog Bear who is a moltise/poodle mix. The event was held on September 23, 2000.

Florham Park - (left row fron to back) Kathy Bridge, of Florham Park; Cassidy Lospinoso, of Florham Prak; Steven Bridge, of Florham Park; and Dawn Alfieris, of North Brunswick; (right row front to back) Jayne Sweeney, of Hillsborough; Daniella Triggs, of Florham Park; Ashley Fitzpatrick, of Mendham; with their boxers dressed as reindeer pulling santa's sled. They won prizes for most money raised and Best Float.

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