7/22/00 Chatham Dinosaur Day

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Sunday, December 31, 2000

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Dinosaurs Found in Chatham Twp.

Learning About Dinosaurs

At The Great Swamp Outdoor Education Center

Children and Parents Enjoy Dinosaur Day at the Great Swamp Outdoor Education Center

Photos By New Jersey Newsphotos / Joe Gigli 

Chatham - The Great Swamp Outdoor Education Center hosted Dinosaur Day on July 22. (above) Cory Mickanin and her father Craig, of Basking Ridge are seen drawing a brontosaurus, on a time line chart. (right) Tommy McLain and his sister Rebecca, of Morris Twp.; prepare their stegosaurus hats.

Chatham Twp. - (top) Carolyn McLain, of Morris Twp.  holding daughter Kaitlin; adjusts daughter Rebecca's stegosaurus hat. Son Tommy is seen in the background. (right) Intern Katie Brennan, of Chatham, explains the time line chart to Tim and Dan O'Hara, of Summit.

Chatham Twp. - (above) Sophia Dewil, of Basking Ridge, coloring her stegosaurus hat. (bottom right) Hannah Grow, of Madison; enjoys decorating a dinosaur egg.

Photos By

Chatham Twp. - (above) Shirell Butler and Leanna Namovic, of Chatham; looking over a triceratops display. The Namovic family is hosting Shirell through the Fresh Air Fund. (below) Cheyenne Spinosa, of Mount Olive Twp. tries to scare her brother Austin, with her new dinosaur mask and hat.

Link to Great Swamp Outdoor Education Center

New Jersey Newsphotos

Joe Gigli

   Dinosaur Day was held Saturday, July 22 at the Great Swamp Outdoor Education Center.  Many interested youngsters participated in the events.  There were numerous dinosaur facts to be learned, dinosaur games to be played and dinosaur puzzles to be put together. The children made dinosaur hats and masks and decorated dinosaur eggs. The youngsters became junior paleontologists for the day by digging in the sand for buried animal bones. Look for the Afternoon Scavenger Hunt on Tuesday, August 8. Call (973) 635-6629 for additional information.

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