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Sunday, December 31, 2000

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Museum of Early Trades & Crafts

Prepares for new exhibit

Madison - The Museum of Early Trades & Crafts ended their fall exhibit "Time Made Visible" on December 30, 2000. Starting January 13 the new winter exhibit will be "From Raw to Wrought" that will examine the creative process of turning raw materials into utilitarian objects and works of art. For many other events at METC keep an eye out on our calendar.

Photo By Veronica Yankowski

Madison - (above) This Queen Anne Tall Case Clock from 1760 made by Steven Tichenor of Newark is crafted of tiger maple and pine and is part of the collection of the New Jersey Historical Society.

Museum of Early Trades and Crafts

End of Time Made Visible


Madison - The Time Made Visible exhibit came to an end on December 30th 2000 at the Museum of Early Trades and Crafts. The new winter exhibit "From Raw to Wrought" opens January 13th 2001 and runs through July 8th. (above) An overall view of the "Time Made Visible" exhibit. (left) Several pieces on display included steel calipers dating from 1889-1899 from the E.F.B. & Company. (below left) The train clock dated from the late 1890's is made of wood, glass, and brass and is a piece from the collection of the New Jersey Historical Society. The clock in the form of a locomotive was presented to Markham Everard Staples upon retirement as General Superintendent of the former Erie Railroad.

Photos By

Veronica Yankowski

Madison - (above) These brass movements for Tall-Case clocks are from David Olekna who owns Pendulum Inc. in Raritan. (left) Assistant Director and Curator of "Time made Visible" Carla Ojha. The METC also features Kids' Club. This is a monthly Saturday program in which children learn about an interesting historic craft and create works of their own. (below left) Joseph DiMieri, of Madison and his brother John Anthony make 40 year calendars. (below right) Henry Thomas, of Madison plays with a Geo Board which teaches children about architecture by creating the frame of a home with rubber bands.

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