12/09/00 Ayres\Knuth Farm

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Sunday, December 31, 2000

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"O Christmas Tree"

Tree Sales Support Ayres\Knuth Farm Restoration

Denville - The Ayres\Knuth Farm Foundation is holding their Christmas tree sale, with all proceeds to benefit restoration of the Farmstead. The farm is located on Cooper Road off Rt. 10 in Denville. (above right) The farm stand selling freshly made wreaths, fruits, veggies, and of course, Christmas trees. (above left) Hank Muller and Tony Novellino, both volunteers at the farm, baling trees for families to take home. (right) Fresh apples at the produce stand.

Photos By

Veronica Yankowski

Searching for the Perfect Christmas Tree

At the Ayres\Knuth Farm tree sale

Denville - (above) Dominick Morizio, of Denville checks the needles before picking out a Christmas tree. (left) Sean Johnson and his older brother Matthew search for their family Christmas tree.

Denville - (above left) Sue Schmidt, President of Ayres\Knuth Farm Foundation, makes sure every little detail is tended to. (above right) Kate-Leigh Luminello, of Parsippany runs through some light snow while tree shopping. (middle right) Stephen Luminello, of Parsippany holds a prospective tree up for his family to look at. His wife, Cathy and son Matthew, talk it over. (below) A handmade wreath is just one of many decorations that are for sale at the farm stand. (lower right) Stephen Luminello, of Parsippany makes a fresh cut on his Christmas tree with the help of Hank Muller, a farm volunteer.

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