11/26/00 Larison's Turkey Farm

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Sunday, December 31, 2000

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Larison's Turkey Farm reopened
on May 6, 2002

Larisons Turkey Farm Inn

A Favorite Dining Spot for Nearly 60 Years

Photos By Joe Gigli

Chester Boro - An American icon, nestled at the crossroads of Rt. 206 and Rt 24 in the quaint borough of Chester, Larison's Turkey Farm Inn stands, serving guests a country style turkey dinner since 1945. As all good things must come to an end, the same is true for this famous restaurant as of January 1, 2001. Patrons from all over and all ages will be left with the fond memories this establishment has created. (above left) A view of the restaurant as seen by the many travelers who headed north on Rt. 206. (above right) Marilyn Roseberry, of Chester, Assistant Manager for 17 years, at Larison's Turkey Farm Inn, poses for a photo with a beautifully prepared  turkey. The many Tiffany lamps in the dining rooms add to the warmth of the family style restaurant.

We Are Thankful for the Memories

at Larison's Turkey Farm Inn

Photos By

Joe Gigli

Chester Boro - Larison's Turkey Farm Inn, serves up its last Thanksgiving Day dinner with style. (top) Joe Palmieri, bartender for 7 years pours a drink of Wild Turkey. (above left) The Adirondak chairs line the front porch, where guests would sit and relax after a good meal.  (above middle) The famous Larison's Turkey Farm Inn road sign as viewed from Rt. 206 North. (above right) Assistant Chef Salvador Ramirez, carving a turkey. (right) First time visitors Kristin and Laura Pond, of Chester, enjoy their meal.

Chester Boro - On the first Thanksgiving the Larison's served 125 people, On the last Thanksgiving Arthur McGreevy, Louise Blain, and their family-like staff served around 1800 guests. Over the weekend they prepared about 180 35lb. turkeys; peeled and mashed 1900 lbs. of potatoes; cooked 350 lbs. of stuffing and poured 125 gallons of gravy. (above) A view of the Tiffany lamps in the Louise dining room. (upper left) Chef Al Pisano, takes some of the savory birds from the oven. (middle left) Waitress Susan McCann, of Long Valley serves Steph and Milissa Bistis, of Scotch Plains. (lower left) Two donkeys wait in the farm yard to greet the visitors.  (lower right) A view of Larison's Turkey Farm Inn, with a 250+ year old Tulip tree standing majestically in front.

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