11/18/00  Kids R Cooking

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Sunday, December 31, 2000

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Culinary Kids Learn to Cook

Photos By Joe Gigli

Kids Learn to Cook With Class

Morristown - Headquarters Plaza Hotel held a four week cooking class for kids. Each week the students learned to prepare several dishes from HQ Executive Chef Larry Sloves. (top left) Executive Chef Larry Sloves with Allison Lambo, of Hillsborough; place a hot-dog in puff pastry. (top right) The class listens intently to what the top chef has to say.

Morristown - (above) Megan Cannavina, of Morris Plains; and Alex Zingale, of Morristown; watch HQ's Executive Chef Larry Sloves. (right) HQ's Sous Chef Robert Wotanowski; and Daniel Halma, of East Hanover; work on placing the hot-dogs into the puff pastry. (Below) The hands of Chef Wotanowski carefully roll the puff pastry.

Morristown - (above) Lizzy Murphy, of Morris Township; and Alex Zingale, of Morristown; dip chicken fingers with Sous Chef Robert Wotanowski. (right) Frank Lambo, of Hillsborough trying the food prepared by his daughter Alison.

Morristown's Headquarters Plaza Hotels Holds a 4 week Cooking Class for Children

Morristown - (left) Headquarters Plaza Executive Chef Larry Sloves, posses with the class (back row l-r) Lizzy Murphy, of Morris Township; and Kevin Knevals, of Morristown; (front row l-r) Alex Zingale, of Morristown; Daniel Halma, of East Hanover; Megan Cannavina, of Morris Plains; and Alison Lambo, of Hillsborough. (above) Alex Zingale, of Morristown and Megan Cannavina; try the food they prepared.

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