10/14/00 JSA Car Wash

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Sunday, December 31, 2000

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A Wet and Wild Weekend


Morris Knolls JSA Club

Denville - Anthony Cecala, of Rockaway; gets hosed down during the Junior Statesmen of America club fund raising car wash.

Photo By Joe Gigli

Junior Statesmen Raise Funds for Upcoming Conferences

Photos By

Joe Gigli

Denville - The Morris Knolls High School Junior Statesmen of America Club held a fundraising car wash on Saturday October 14, 2000. (above) Brad Russell, of Denville; and Allison Houhn, of Denville, washing the suds off a car. (left) Allison Houhn, of Denville; getting wet from the spray of water headed her way. (below) Wringing out the sponges.

Denville - (above) Michael Carbone, of Rockaway; showering off a car. (right) Morris Knolls students (l-r) Matthew Lafargue, of Denville; Brad Russell, of Denville; Anthony Cecala, of Rockaway; and Sam Shah, of Denville. The group washed 35 to 40 cars.

The Morris Knolls High School branch of the Junior Statesmen of America (JSA) held a car wash on Saturday, October 14 as a part of the school's spirit week.

JSA is an extracurricular club that meets after school on Tuesdays at Morris Knolls. The focus of JSA is improving student civic education, learning about government through student participation, and promoting democracy in general. JSA is a student-run, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, with branches in many high schools throughout the nation. Of JSA Morris Knolls Social Studies Teacher and JSA Advisor Bill Chegwidden said, "It really is a super organization and is a great activity for all kids. Kids of all different backgrounds and academic abilities come in and, by participating, come to understand and get involved in the political process that they will eventually take over from those who are adults now." Chegwidden added, "In my opinion, what's going on here is we're seeing tomorrow's leaders testing their wings today." 

The Morris Knolls JSA car wash is being held in order to help the organization defray the cost of attendance at upcoming national JSA conferences; one in November held in Philadelphia and one in February held in Washington, DC.  "Every car has got to be washed sometime. However, if people let us do it, they will not only get a clean car but they'll be helping the MK JSA."  said, Thomas Wigg, MK junior and JSA State Representative.  Adding to Wigg's comment, MK senior and another JSA State Representative Jessica Platcow said: "I hope a lot of people turn out and give us support. JSA lets us attend conferences where we meet with real political leaders as well as with JSA people from high schools from all over."

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