10/11/00 Apple Picking

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Sunday, December 31, 2000

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Autumn Is For Apples

A Perfect Day For Picking at Riamede Farm, in Chester.

Photos By

Joe Gigli

Chester - Wednesday October 11, 2000 (top) Mitch Kiah, of Mendham; stretches to reach the high apples as his friend Evan Snedaker, of Mendham; and father Joe Kiah, look on. (left) Holly Nuzzo, of Fredon Twp.; and Randi Lynn Zaro, of Stanhope; eye up the apples. (above) Apples that fell before they could be picked.

Picking Apples is Fitting For Fall

 Relaxing under an apple tree, enjoying the fall foliage, the smell of autumn in the air. These small splendors can be found at Riamede Farm, in Chester and a few other places around Morris County as well.

Photos By

Joe Gigli

Chester - (top right) Randi Lynn Zaro, of Stanhope, reaches for an apple as her mom Laurie Lynn Zaro, lends a hand. (above left) Apples wait their turn to bee picked. (above right) Picking apples is a group effort for (l-r) Lori Nuzzo, of Fredon Twp.; Laurie Lynn Zaro, of Stanhope; Randi Lynn Zaro, of Stanhope; Holly Nuzzo, of Fredon Twp.; Shannon Scocco, of Clinton; Julia Knox, of Randolph; and Lori Knox, of Randolph.  (right) Michael and Simone Crespo, of Dover look for the perfect apple. (below) Holly Nuzzo, of Fredon Twp.; takes a big bite.

Chester - (above) Lynn Kiah, of Mendham; picking apples with Anders Kapur, of Mendham; and her son Mitch Kiah. (below left) Samantha Budd, shows off some apples while working the store at Riamede Farm. (below right) Apples catch the late afternoon sun.

Chester - (above) Joe and Lynn Kiah, of Mendham; leave the orchard with apples and family. (right) Pumpkins and flowers bask in the glow of the sun.

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